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Bluwolf Tuesday Update, Emailed to Dinar Recaps 9-6-16 NOW LISTEN UP UPDATE;


OK the geopolitical strings that needed to be attended in order for all the projects, packages, revaluations (204) and the final implementation of the GCR is finally agreed on and accepted by all participating countries.

This acceptance will liberate the entire world of its debt and the same to all of the population of the world. It now has a real time frame for it to come into existence, hopefully for us soon.

Our banking friends are well prepared and highly optimistic at this current time.

Those running for the highest position in your land, have been breached (Briefed?) on how the world expect them to handle themselves coming forward (the old ways are out….there are no longer cabal controlling forces behind this or any world government).
They will be instructed on the correct and new way to treat their country and finally its people and this is no joke to be reckoned with.

The lobbists focus will now be expelled from everything political, forcing these new breed of politicians to focus on who they were elected to serve and doing their job correctly and this goes for all strands of governing positions.

The final step to be finally released to western media is the liberation and security of Mosul (reconquered) by the Iraqi two months ago and a half back but it’s news blacked out to western media for worldwide delay purposes.)

I wish to inform all that all aspects of this blessing have finally been accorded and time stamped by all the countries of this world and it shall appear to all the humans of this world.

If someone out there has the specific date that this will occur please send me a just email, no guessing please.

Happy Journeys, Na’maste Bluwolf

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