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Hey howdy hi VIPs!

This post will be announced via email today, but since it is NON URGENT it will be going at “slow speed”.

My primary purpose here right now is to make sure you’re all in the “drivers seat” when this thing blows up… and I think we are getting close!

Like I mentioned in my regular weekly update today (, and as I mentioned last week, I’m not looking for much action here in August. It’s just not in the cards for us, IMO.

That doesn’t mean we should be sitting around on our laurels though!

The things you need to do as a VIP are, in this order:

1. Ensure you are receiving my emails. Check my WHITELIST link in my signature below this post.

2. Make sure your phone number is correct on your profile. If you enter a landline, you will get a pre-recorded message when the RV is announced. If you enter a cell phone number, you will get a text. If the system isn’t sure which type of phone number you entered, you’ll get both.

3. At the VERY LEAST, get a NAME RESERVE! You’ve probably waited a LONG time to see this come to fruition, GET THAT INSURANCE and maximize your return! Learn more here:

4. Patience is a virtue. :lol:

Now for the latest in what I’ve been doing in the background while we have been waiting:

– Our domestic strategy has changed slightly. Even for those of you that have offshore accounts already, or a Name Reserve, we are NOT advising anyone to set up a domestic LLC or Trust until Post-RV. Many years ago, we were leaning towards Nevada as our preferred safekeeping strategy. In the past few years, NV pricing has spiraled out of control and compared to other good jurisdictions, it’s simply not worth the cost right now.

SUGGESTION: If you are currently maintaining a Nevada LLC for your Dinar needs, let it go. Don’t spend more money on it. We will have other recommendations after the RV, but for now it is not worth your money.

– Also on the domestic front, our Post-RV opportunities have continued to grow and diversify. I am very happy with the current “portfolio” of options for us once the RV is announced.

TIP: Before you run to the bank, CHECK YOUR EMAIL! There is a good chance that you’ll want to be very careful about HOW you proceed. I expect our counsel to be VERY quick with their recommendations, and I will be passing that info to you as fast as I get it.

– Our Offshore connections continue to grow and expand. As a businessperson, I am involved in many other investments that keep me in the loop with many circles. I continue to grow my contact list and develop opportunities around the world… some will be presented to you Post-RV, some are already being used by my current investor list. If you’re not in my Accredited Investor list, shoot me an email via and I’ll add you for future opportunities.

NOTE: For these investments, I can ONLY deal with CURRENT Accredited Investors. Post RV, we should ALL be in that category. But for now, only SOME of us are. You know who you are. :)

– Offshore Banking – some of our “preferred” companies have changed over the years, but we are still rock solid in all areas of protection, banking stability, and ease of transactions. Most of the challenges have come from FATCA, which is an incredible burden on many foreign banks. I’ve actually been asked to give educational seminars TO THE BANKS in some cases, because it’s so complicated and many foreign banks simply don’t understand it!

The good news is that because of my team’s expertise in this subject, we have been able to continue growing our good name and getting our foot in more and more doors.

Life is GOOD for us, and we are going to have a LOT of options once this thing pops!

That’s it for now. No huge announcements to make, but I did want to make sure you all know how prepared we are and how smooth things will go for us Post-RV.

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